Useful Information

How to read your tourist voucher or business invitaiton?

Most of the information on a tourist voucher as well as a business invitation is in Russian. We created these helpful handouts to assit you in understanding the invitations:

Tourist visa support: here

 Order a Touristvoucher: here

Business visa support: here

Order a  Business-Invitation: here

When can you apply for a business visa support?

Please note that according to the rules of the Russian Federal Migration Service, applications for business visa support can only be submitted a certain number of days prior to an indicated entry date:

For regular processing invitations: 45 days prior to an indicated entry date

For expedited 10 or 16 day processing invitations: One month prior to an indicated entry date

For expedited 3 day processing invitations: Two weeks prior to an indicated entry date

You can send a request to us at any time. Should your request come before it is possible to take it in for processing, we will send you an email to that effect and put your request on a waiting list until the first possible application day. CONTACT US

Expedited Processing for Stateless people, Children and persons with the Thrid World County of Origin!

Please note that expedited processing for business visas is not available for stateless people as well as EU and US citizens with the former USSR or any third world country of origin. While all of the above applications can still be processed, please choose regular 14 (for single/double entry visas) or 18 (for multiple entry visas) business days processing. We appreciate your understanding and your attention to this matter. 

New: Important changes in the Russian visa application process as of October 22nd, 2012

Starting October 22nd, 2012, applications for Russian visa need to be submitted at the counters of an external Visa Center. 
Passports with visa are to be collected at the same office where the documents were submitted earlier. 
The external service provider is called Visa Handling Services.

Website of the company Visa Handling Services 

Visa Center VHS has working hours:
From Monday till Friday 9:00 – 13:00 and 13:45 – 16:00
Telefon:   +41 (0)31 370 13 00